WHat We Offer

What We Offer

Innovative Solutions & Technology offers computer and software repair as well as
software development for small businesses and churches.

Computer and Software Repair

Innovative Solutions & Technology & Technology will offer computer repair to small businesses and churches. These types of repairs will cover hardware or software. This service will be billed on a per job bases.

Developing Design Alternatives

A lot of teams fall in love with one idea and then spend all their time either trying to justify the idea or perfect it. Instead, come up with three to four ideas and rank those against your criteria. Remember, no option is ever perfect. Trade-offs and risks are commonplace. You simply select the best idea to fit your needs and build an action plan to mitigate the risks.

Small Business Projects

Some of our business clients are newly formed and just need an installation of a specific software application to accomplish their business goals. Others need software updates due to business growth; and very often our client is in need of a reorganization strategy, which is one of those business subjects that usually evokes a cynical response.

Technical Consulting

When you don't know what you will need for your new office or where to get the computer equipment from, then you should call Innovative Solutions & Technology. Innovative Solutions & Technology can help you make the right selections for small busness needs by recommending the right computer hardware and software for your business. We have professionals with over 20 years of experience in the IT field that can help make your technical selection easier on you while saving your business unnecessary cost.