EventSite helps event planners keep track of mulitple events, the event guests, guest checkins/checkouts and guest payments.

Why Use EventSite?

EventSite can help with managing a event planners event. EventSite can track outstanding balances to guest who missing a payment or has a balance do on an event. Get detail report on how many guest have paid, balance due on an event and which guest has checked in.

EventSite is design to be an easy to use application for event planners who have to manage several events at once. EventSite can be use on a PC or on your mobile device web browser for on the go or up to the minute guest update.

Event Information

Access to your event information anytime and anywhere securely from your web browser or from your mobile device. Make changes to your event information and it will updated across other event planners devices who has access to the event.

Event Reporting

Create a report on which guest has paid per event, which guest has a balance and how many guest will be attending your event.

Guest Check-ins

You can check in your guest directly from EventSite™ application as well as printing out the guest list to manually check in your guests.

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