ChurchSite Application

Our ChurchSite  application was design from the ground to up to offer an easier way for churches to manage their members information, tithes and offerings. Our application can make your job easier when it comes to managing this type of information.
Our pricing is based on a monthly or yearly subscription. You will automatically be renewed each month under the monthly subscription plan. Under our monthly subscription plan you can cancel at any time (NOTE: If you cancel during the middle of the month on the monthly subscription plan you will not billed for the next month). Which ever one you choose, you will still get the same level of quality and features our ChurchSite application has to offer.

Consulting Services

When starting your small business you're going to need computers for your office. You would also want to network these computers to printers and to a network server. Setup file shares, domain access and network security for your business. Have Innovative Solutions & Technology make some recommendations on what you need for your small business. We can come to your office and evaluate what type of computers, network servers, office network, software and security you'll need for your business.
Schedule a time here to have us come out to your office. What you'll get is an estimate of the cost of the work and how much the technology you'll need will cost.

Technical Support Services

Innovative Solutions & Technology also offers technical support services for all of your business needs. Whether it's installing software. setting up an office network or repairing office computers Innovative Solutions & Technology is your place of service. Below are the prices of our services.

Type of ServicePrice
Building a New Computer (Labor)$250.00
Consulting (Priced by the Hour)$70.00
Creating a New Website $600.00
Creating an Application Website$2,000.00
Install Additional Hardware(s)$25.00
Install an Operating System Software$50.00
Install New Printer$20.00
Install Software$25.00
Service Charge$45.00
Setting up a office network$300.00
Setting up High Speed Internet Home Connection$60.00
Setting up new Computer$130.00
Spyware and Malware Removal$45.00
System Maintenance$65.00
Upgrading a Hard Drive (Data Transfer)$150.00
Upgrading an Operating System$75.00
Schedule a time here to learn more about what we offer and get a estimate on the type of service you are looking for.