ChurchSite Features

Easy to use, Responsive features, Mobile-first approach
Browser compatibility ChurchSite is compatible with all modern browsers.


A standard navigation bar appears on top of the page for simple navigation.

Member Management Made Easy

Managing your church members is easy as 1-2-3 when using ChurchSite

Keeping It All Together

ChurchSite helps you keep your church members information together as well as manage sick and shut in church members with in our application.


Running reports on your church members is easy as a push of a button. Run reports on church members who were visited by staff member. Run your churches financail reports on individual members tithes and offerings.

Access Anytime from Anywhere

Access to your memebers can be done from inside your church office or from home. Your Deaconate will have 24 hours and 7 days a weeks access to your members information.

Secure Connection

Allow whoever you want to have access to your church data. We use SSL encryption security to secure the connection between you and your data.

EventSite Features

Easy to use and Mobile-first approach
EventSite is compatible with all modern browsers.

Event Tracking

Track your events guest, outstanding balances and what was paid.

Event Reporting

Create a report on which guest has paid per event, which guest has a balance and how many guest will be attending your event.

Guest Check-in

You can check in your guest directly from EventSite  application as well as printing out the guest list to manually check in your guests.

Seeing Who's Coming to Your Event

You can see yur guest list by selecting the event from your event list.

Add/Edit Your Event Information

Access to your event information anytime and anywhere securely from your web browser or from your mobile device.

Add/Edit Guest Information

You can add or edit guest information and what they paid within the EventSite  application.

Computer Consulting

Innovative Solutions & Technology will also provide computer support for small to mid-size businesses in the Philadelphia area. Also, Innovative Solutions & Technology will offer custom software development for small to mid-size businesses that would help maximize productivity for their organizations.

Some of our business clients are newly formed and just need an installation of a specific software application to accomplish their business goals. Others need software updates due to business growth; and very often our client is in need of a reorganization strategy, which is one of those business subjects that usually evokes a cynical response

Innovative Solutions & Technology will offer computer repair to small businesses and churches. These types of repairs will cover hardware or software

Some small buinesses may have a need to have a custom application made for a specfic need. Innovative Solutions & Technology can fill that need by created custom web applications and websites for businesses and churches.